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Run through the jungle in Battlefield: Vietnam

Battlefield: Vietnam is the second installment in the Battlefield series of historical first-person shooters. It features realistic recreations of the battlefields weapons and vehicles of the Vietnam war allowing players to use a variety of different iconic weapons drive tanks fly planes and helicopters and even race into battle on a Vespa scooter. The soundtrack of 1960s rock brings the era to life although you may be too busy dodging traps and explosions to really appreciate the music.

War never stops changing

Battlefield: Vietnam follows the formula laid down by its predecessor but with an interesting change: conflict between the US and North Vietnamese forces is asymmetrical. The Americans have an advantage in vehicles and heavy weapons forcing their enemies to focus on anti-tank weapons and mobility. The result is that matches although balanced are very different depending on what side you're on. The maps are detailed and realistic drawing on real-life battles such as the fall of Saigon or the battle of Khe Sanh.

Getting into the fight

Battlefield: Vietnam is an enjoyable challenging asymmetric first-person shooter. The heart of the game is in multiplayer gameplay. Official support for multiplayer no longer exists but it is still possible to play assuming you can connect to a server. The online multiplayer community however isn't large so finding opponents may be tricky.


  • Realistic weapons and vehicles
  • Classic 60s soundtrack
  • Interesting asymmetric team matchups


  • Limited opportunities for online multiplayer matches

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Battlefield: Vietnam


Battlefield: Vietnam Patch 1.2 for Windows

User reviews about Battlefield: Vietnam

  • greg harris

    by greg harris

    its a good history game for medics tunnel rats assult enginner and sniper

  • by Anonymous

    good. game is good. I love this game. but requires heavy computer configuration

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